• Testimonials

    We have carried out hundreds of land rent reviews for sites across the length and breadth of the UK
    providing greater assurance and compliance with payment terms. Here is what a few of our clients had to say about our services:

    “We don’t have comparable leases in renewable energy meaning there are few examples to draw from, so it’s always good to have things checked. We would recommend Accounting for Energy for their diligence."

    Ali Walker (Corporate landowner)

    65MW Wind farm

    Property Co-ordinator, Bath and Wells Diocese, Somerset

    “The information provided by the turbine owner seemed to be comprehensive. The issue comes with knowing if all the data is complete and the audit was able to identify areas that we should have been receiving royalties on. The complexity and terminology used in the contract and royalty statements meant we could check the accuracy of the calculations but not truly understand if anything was missing. (Accounting for Energy) are experts in their field and were happy to explain anything we didn't understand and work with us the way we wanted to. AfE were happy to work with us on the approach we wanted to take and also helped advise on how to approach our operator.”

    Ben Ardern (Corporate landowner)

    2MW wind turbine

    Financial Controller, Dewlay Cheesemakers, Lancashire

    “I would recommend Accounting for Energy because they are clearly experts in this area, and they were good to work with. It was an easy decision to get them on board because we really didn’t have the expertise or the time to be trawling through the lease and power purchase agreement.”

    Nick Kenyon (Corporate landowner)

    2MW wind turbine

    CEO, Dewlay Cheesemakers, Lancashire

    “Prior to the review I had a good understanding of the rent methodology but could never undertake an audit to the same extent as Accounting for Energy. We had been asked by landowners to review their rent payments but as Land Agents we're not qualified to undertake a full audit. We've been very pleased to recommend Accounting for Energy to all our clients and have received positive feedback all round. I had often considered there could be inaccuracies in rent payments but was not able to independently verify if there were. So far all my clients have received updated payments and on each occasion Accounting for Energy recovered their fees from the developers, I have received nothing but positive feedback from the landowners.”

    Chris Thyer MRICS FAAV (Land agent)

    Rural Associate Director, GSC Grays, Barnard Castle, County Durham

    “I did not always understand how our payments had been calculated. I often had to get out our lease and other agreements and attempt to check them. There was generally very little contact with my energy company although I had to occasionally email or phone our company to seek clarification on figures. Our business was recommended Accounting for Energy by our Wind Farm land agents who we very much trusted. The review was excellent. After we had received our adjusted back payment it provided reassurance to us that we would be paid correctly and in accordance with our agreements in the future. There (was) nothing to loose. If an adjustment is due it will be paid. If there is nothing due it confirms that everything is ok. As our fees were covered by our company it was a win, win situation. At the very least it keeps everyone alert.”

    David Terrence (Individual landowner)

    65MW wind farm

    Business owner, Devon

    “I understood my payments but had no way of checking their accuracy, I did question (them) a couple of times but had no way of knowing if the answer was correct. I knew I needed someone who understood the way the system worked. I found AfE easy and quick to work with and their report easy to follow. ”

    Sara James (Individual landowner)

    3MW wind farm

    Farm owner, Durham

    “I Pretty well understood my payments and relied upon the statements supplied by energy company. I was impressed by the results obtained by another farmer with experience of Accounting for Energy. I was more than happy with the results of my audit and the informative audit report. My personal experience was good.”

    David Lily (Individual landowner)

    3MW wind farm

    Farmer, Durham

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