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    Accounting for Energy works with leading renewable energy companies across the UK. Our royalty auditors have in-depth knowledge of renewable energy payments and have worked with the UK’s leading generators, site operators, network operators and electricity suppliers.

    Our aim is to support stronger relationships between site operators and landowners. This is achieved by facilitating greater transparency, accountability, understanding and ownership.

    Due to changing government legislation, fluctuating energy prices and renewable payments, it can be a complex and sensitive process to keep landowner payments up-to-date, particularly across the 25-year period of many arrangements.


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    Our Audit Process

    Our audit process

    Our independent land rent audits provide an extra level of assurance, saving your business time and costs while allowing your team to continue business as usual with minimal disruption.

    Working with Us

    Working With Us

    We work alongside your team to periodically reassure landowners that they’re receiving true and fair returns from the green energy produced on their land, and to demonstrate how well the site has performed and has contributed to the local environment and circular economy.

    Our expert knowledge of renewables enables us to speak your language and we will work with you to provide an exceptional service for the benefit of our mutual clients.

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