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    If you, your organisation or company receives income from the production of renewable energy, it is vital you know exactly how much is owed and how and why the payments you receive may vary depending on a multitude of factors.

    Complex lease arrangements, fluctuating energy prices, and changes in legislation are just a few of the reasons why land rent payments are not straightforward.

    Underpayment is not uncommon and even the most experienced internal accounts team, land agent or landowner may not pick up on it straight away, if at all.

    We are the UK’s leading independent provider of land rent audits, three out of four reviews undertaken in 2015/16 highlighted revenue underpayments, which we successfully recovered on behalf of our clients.

  • How we work

    Meeting and planning

    Meeting and planning

    We like to meet all our clients face to face, and talk through how we can help. We don’t mind if you have an office based in London or a farm in Llandudno.

    Once you’ve agreed to undertake a review, we go back to our London office and hand it over to our team of experts. You continue as normal as we need little or no additional input.

    Review and Report

    Review and report

    Our review can take as little as 4 weeks to complete. We will contact you to explain our findings and will provide a written financial report explaining how well your site is performing and its contribution to the local environment.

    We will highlight any underpayments and then assist your site operator in correcting these, and will keep you updated on our progress.

    You can rest assured that your site has been thoroughly audited and you are receiving fair and accurate payments.

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